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The Big 12 Champions for Life campaign highlights student-athlete’s life-changing stories through the opportunities that a scholarship provides. The young women and men given the opportunity to compete in their chosen sport embody the defining characteristics of a champion: leadership, perseverance, community service, and discipline. Inspiring stories of student-athletes representing each of the conference’s ten universities will be shared throughout the 2018-19 academic year. Serving as a role model both on the field and in the classroom, each of the student-athletes selected in the campaign truly encapsulates what being a champion for life is all about.




5 days ago "He's tough as nails. He holds his teammates accountable because he's accountable himself." - @TexasFootball's Tom Herman on captain Andrew Beck
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7 days ago Big12Champ4Life photo On Wednesday, hear from @TexasFootball captain Andrew Beck as he shares the role that football has played in his life and what important lessons he's learned along the way.
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2 weeks ago “You can be a champion in your own way. Working hard every day, being the best you can be in the classroom, just doing all you can to be the best you.” - @jhill21_, @CowboyFB #GoPokes #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/6e2woqcKVd
2 weeks ago Big12Champ4Life photo Congratulations, @DaltonBigD71!
@KStateFB’s Campbell Trophy finalist is in New York with his family celebrating the honor at tonight’s #NFFDinner.
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2 weeks ago "It's very important to have a guy like this on the team. He's just a humbling presence on the team."

Before tomorrow's 2018 Dr Pepper #Big12Championship Game, hear why @TexasFootball's @DurstJarmarquis has inspired his teammates all season.
#HookEm #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/ZBaYkOLnY7
3 weeks ago "I think being a champion is about persevering through the tough times and giving one hundred percent in everything that I'm doing." - Rodney Anderson @24RAnderson), @OU_Football
#OUDNA #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/UqdDVQSRIF
3 weeks ago Big12Champ4Life photo "You can't really script what this kid's been through."

On Wednesday, hear a powerful message from @OU_Football's Rodney Anderson on the importance of never giving up.
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4 weeks ago “My message is to keep going. Persevere. Never give up. Obstacles are going to present themselves, but be sure to overcome them because an obstacle is just another challenge. Just keep going." - @_naj9, @KU_Football
#RockChalk #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/WPVNFBWjaA
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