About the Campaign

The Big 12 Champions for Life campaign highlights student-athlete’s life-changing stories through the opportunities that a scholarship provides. The young women and men given the opportunity to compete in their chosen sport embody the defining characteristics of a champion: leadership, perseverance, community service, and discipline. Inspiring stories of student-athletes representing each of the conference’s ten universities will be shared throughout the 2019-20 academic year. Serving as a role model both on the field and in the classroom, each of the student-athletes selected in the campaign truly encapsulates what being a champion for life is all about.




22 hours ago “Using basketball as that stepping-stone can get you to a lot of places.” – Jase Febres @JaseFebres), @TexasMBB
#HookEm | #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/epGjgDCwkE
2 days ago “Being able to be a strong woman figure to someone that I may not even know is big for me.” – Brooklyn Mitchell, @KUWBball
#RockChalk | #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/StdTQWYN5R
3 days ago “Anything worth having is not easy.” – Cartier Diarra @cartierdiarra2), @KStateMBB
#EMAW | #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/3SSWSWu6Yj
1 week ago “If I can leave Iowa State better than it was before I came here, there’s nothing I can do that will top that.” – Adriana Camber @CamberAdriana), @CycloneWBB
#MoreNotLess | #ChampionsforLife https://t.co/gBDzigMKp3
1 week ago “It’s really cool to be a guy that someone looks up to.” – Brady Manek @BradyManek), @OU_MBBall
#YouBelongHere | #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/KVFgBQtkOD
2 weeks ago “I think that every dream can become a reality.” – Moon Ursin @MoonUrsin), @BaylorWBB
#SicEm | #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/0AkQx11Q9R
2 weeks ago “Any chance I get, I try to give back.” – Desmond Bane @DBane0625), @TCUBasketball
#GoFrogs | #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/1dJez63Dp7
3 weeks ago "Be your own person. It’s always best to be yourself.” – Ja’Mee Asberry @Jayasberry), @OSUWBB
#okstate | #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/I2hZEGibNY
3 weeks ago “If you want something, there’s nobody or anything that can hold you back.” – Davide Moretti @davide25moretti), @TexasTechMBB
#4To1 | #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/hLE03rIJoH
4 weeks ago “If you work hard, you can do anything that you want.” – Taylor Robertson @T_Rob30), @OU_WBBall
#Sooners | #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/ILA9bCzQf9
1 month ago “Everything I do, I try to do with a positive attitude.” – Ochai Agbaji @youngoch), @KUHoops
#RockChalk | #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/AeCG8qYC09
1 month ago “A lot of people probably know me as the funniest person on the team. It’s my way of getting people out of their sadness.” – Joyner Holmes @JoynerTooTall), @TexasWBB
#HookEm | #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/i9jVjnGjrO
1 month ago “If you know who you are, the sky is the limit.” – Jared Butler @J_Hooper11), @BaylorMBB
#SicEm | #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/rQbMmwYjMG
1 month ago “My advice to other people would be to always look at the bigger picture.” – Jasauen Beard @JasauenB), @KStateWBB
#KStateWBB | #ChampionsForLIfe https://t.co/ph7TD51Hw8
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