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The Big 12 Champions for Life campaign highlights student-athlete’s life-changing stories through the opportunities that a scholarship provides. The young women and men given the opportunity to compete in their chosen sport embody the defining characteristics of a champion: leadership, perseverance, community service, and discipline. Inspiring stories of student-athletes representing each of the conference’s ten universities will be shared throughout the 2019-20 academic year. Serving as a role model both on the field and in the classroom, each of the student-athletes selected in the campaign truly encapsulates what being a champion for life is all about.




4 days ago "As long as I can try to give back to others, that motivates me to continuously find how I can help this world around me.” - @DenzelGoolsby, @KStateFB
#KStateFB | #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/w01iV5yiKJ
1 week ago "Why not receive a degree? Why not set yourself up for success later in life?" -@Reese_Donahue46

Make sure to watch Episode 3 of Big 12 Champions for Life: Beyond the Athlete on Big 12 Now on ESPN+. #ChampionsForLife

https://t.co/IAIG74JpKs https://t.co/gfRyAL4c40
2 weeks ago “There’s no limit to what one race can do over the other." - @frye_adrian

In Episode 3 of Beyond the Athlete, #Big12FB student-athletes share how they are breaking stereotypes. Coming soon to ESPN+.
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2 weeks ago "To be recognized on this stage is incredible. It's so humbling." - @DJoness3_, @CycloneFB
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3 weeks ago "We all put on the same jerseys, the same helmets ... no matter where you came from, you're representing that logo you have on your chest." - Marques Jones, @BUFootball
#SicEm | #ChampionsForLife https://t.co/AVDlmUvZdI
3 weeks ago "If you have somebody that believes in you, you can take that belief and go beyond your limits." - @RedwinePhilip, @CowboyFB
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3 weeks ago "It's easy to get caught up in the stress, but if you're just where your feet are, a lot of times everything else goes away."
@DenzelGoolsby @jmcculloch17 + others discuss being a student-athlete in Champions for Life: Beyond the Athlete.

🎬: https://t.co/GYRRXcceMX https://t.co/yRLNYG53hf
4 weeks ago "One thing I love to do besides playing football is help other people out." - @CycloneFB's @DJoness3_

Stay tuned for Episode Two of Big 12 Champions for Life: Beyond the Athlete, which will soon be available on Big 12 Now on ESPN+.
#ChampionsForLife https://t.co/oIYPn3MXmF
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